From Jazz" and Rap" to Dzhaz" and Rep"

From Jazz" and Rap" to Dzhaz" and Rep"

Phonological Adaptation of English Loanwords in Russian

Kateryna Laidler


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The book provides a significant insight into the complex process of English loanword adaptation in Russian. It is based on an in-depth analysis and comparison of a rich body of experimental data on the adaptation of both established and online loans of those English sounds absent from Russian phonemic inventory. The analysis is couched within the Optimality-Theoretic framework. The uncovered patterns offer valuable contribution to the ongoing debate on loanword phonology.


Kateryna Laidler:

Kateryna Laidler is an Assistant Professor at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland, where she teaches courses in phonetics and phonology. The topics she has published on include loanword phonology, English and Slavic phonology and Optimality Theory.