Thomas E. Berry Ph. D.


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Coming from a family of royal French blood and a hidden curse, the children have grown up trying to keep family traditions, but living in a world of millennial thinking that can't help but influence their lives. Their family in the USA is very wealthy with multiple businesses creating a huge empire. Henri and Louis are cousins that have grown up together. Their relationship was very close and gradually turned into an experimentation in passion. They both have just graduated from law school and have made plans to live in the Alaskan wilderness to test their compatibility. Henri's adopted sister Tres, has grown into a beautiful young woman. She has just graduated from a prestigious woman's college and is looking to finding love. Henri loves his sister and has always protected her, but he doesn't realize the potential for the true love she has for him, until his aunt makes him aware of Tres' feelings for him. She explains the family curse from the past. Then she delivers the message to Henri and confronts him with the choices that life will hold.


Thomas E. Berry Ph. D.:
Dr. Thomas E. Berry is a retired Professor of Russian Language and Literature. He lectures for John Hopkins University, the Smithsonian Institution, the Russian Cultural Center of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. and on numerous international cruise lines. He received a "Gramota" from the Russian Government for service. He has published eleven academic books and eight novels. He has traveled extensively all over the globe. His webs: and