Museum, Place, Architecture and Narrative

Museum, Place, Architecture and Narrative

Nordic Maritime Museums’ Portrayals of Shipping, Seafarers and Maritime Communities

Annika Bünz


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A characteristic trait of the maritime museums is that they are often located in a contemporary and/or historical environment from which the collections and narratives originate. The museum can thereby be directly linked to the site and its history. It is therefore vital to investigate the maritime museums in terms of relationships between landscape, architecture, museum and collections. This volume unravels the kinds of worlds and realities the Nordic maritime museums stage, which identities and national myths they depict, and how they make use of both the surrounding maritime environments and the architectural properties of the museum buildings.


Annika Bünz:

Annika Bünz is a senior lecturer in Museology at the Dept. of Culture and Media Studies, Umeå University, Sweden. She has a PhD in archaeology and multidisciplinary expertise in museum studies, visual culture studies, phenomenological architectural theory, and gender studies. She has previously published: ‘Is it enough to make the main characters female? An Intersectional and Social Semiotic Reading of the Exhibition Prehistories 1 at the National Historical Museum in Stockholm, Sweden’ in Robin Skeates (ed.) Museums and Archaeology. The research presented in this book has been financed by a research grant from the Swedish Research Council.