Jeremiah Willow-Bottom and the Titanic Mistake

Jeremiah Willow-Bottom and the Titanic Mistake

A Journey Through Love, Loss, and Life

Zanna T. Laws


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Does the truth always set you free? Jeremiah and Dandelion begin to doubt that as they venture upon yet another voyage of discovery. Jeremiah Willow-Bottom and Dandelion Flamethrower are now studying for their doctorates. Their previous adventures were supposed to calm Jeremiah’s thirst for puzzles down to a dull roar but unfortunately a film about a doomed ship has set him off again. Jeremiah has a hunch. It leads him to clues and revelations and the realisation that things are not always as they seem. However, he is determined to get to the bottom of things despite attracting the attention of a very unsavoury character, getting both he and Dandelion into many dangerous situations and managing to help solve a few murders along the way.


Zanna T. Laws:
Zanna T. Laws worked for Greenpeace; The Wilderness Society; conducted research on dolphin fisheries in Peru for the Environmental Investigation Agency and stowed-away to Antarctica to protest the building of an airstrip in Dumont D’Urville. Zanna currently lives in the wilds of south-west Tasmania. The farthest you can get from anywhere and still have electricity.