Words and Meaning in Metasemantics

Words and Meaning in Metasemantics

Grounds for an Interactive Theory

Juan José Colomina-Almiñana


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In Words and Meaning in Metasemantics, Juan José Colomina-Almiñana puts forward a new way of understanding the linguistic and philosophical foundations of the study of language: the Interactive Theory. This theory states that the meaning of our sentences is much more than the truth values their components clauses carry. Since language is a human artifact, Words and Meaning in Metasemantics also explains the role that our reasons, dispositions, inferences, acts, and awareness have in the content-fixing of the sentences speakers employ to refer to the world in which they belong.


Juan José Colomina-Almiñana:

Juan J. Colomina-Almiñana is assistant professor in the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and the Interdepartmental Program in Linguistics at Louisiana State University.