Cat People

Cat People

Devapriya Roy


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In Karachi, a writer house-sits for her father and his cat, while keeping track of his - the cat’s - list of obsessions: ironed white sheets, kheer, KFC fries, warm custard, finely chopped sausages, and the flaky tops of chicken patties. In San Francisco, a couple adopt a cat, without anticipating what it will do to their relationship. In Noida, a cat and two dogs line up peacefully every morning for their daily dose of vitamin syrup. In Bombay, a lyricist and screenwriter roots through the litter tray first thing in the morning, to investigate if his cat’s UTI is better. In wintry London, a young millennial wonders if she is actually a cat.

Capturing the many moods of felines and their humans, in many forms and voices, Cat People, is a timely celebration of the most memed creature today: the cat.  This collection of short stories, personal essays, lists, original art and photographs is are a treat, not just for cat lovers everywhere, but for all who love a story well-told – and, on occasion, a theory well-spun. 


Devapriya Roy:
Devapriya Roy is the author of five books: the novels, The Vague Woman’s HandbookThe Weight Loss Club and Friends from College; a travel-memoir, The Heat and Dust Project, co-written with partner Saurav Jha; and Indira, a graphic novel, where she collaborated with artist Priya Kuriyan. She is a Senior Writing Fellow at Ashoka University, and a serial procrastinator in life. She would have liked her students to consider her a cool cat but it is likely they merely find her a friendly neighbourhood dino. A life-member of the Indian Coffee House memory-club, College Street chapter, when not reading or writing (or teaching), she is probably drowning in nostalgia about its chicken pakoras.