Living Human

Living Human

Sustainable Strategies For Invisible Illness

Flic Manning


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“This compassionate book not only describes, with such deep humanity, the experience of living with chronic illness, but offers important ideas on how to find yourself again...If you have an invisible illness or know someone who does—Living Human is a must read...This book is jam packed with everything you need to reclaim your life.” — Jacinta Parsons, ABC Radio Broadcaster & Author of Unseen

“Flic Manning’s wellness memoir, Living Human is empowering, articulate and poised. Her story is so powerful making this book a must read for anyone working with individuals battling an invisible disability or illness…”— Aneka Srinivasan, Mental Health Foundation of Australia

“Flic has turned trauma into her superpower and inspires anyone going through any pain that they too can win at their game." — Fred Schebesta: Founder of Finder, Author of Go Live, AFR Young Rich Lister

“This bold and aspirational account is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ for those fearlessly living with an incurable health condition and struggling to create a deeply meaningful life.” — Prof. Leanne Raven, CEO Crohn’s & Colitis Australia

My deepest wish is that reading this book will inspire you to take a look at your human experience and see it for the beautiful, painful blessing that it is. Whether you face illness and pain or you want to build a scalable business, you have the power to do it no matter what life throws at you by doing it your perfectly imperfect way, with your perfectly imperfect body and mind.

Flic Manning has lived a life that is anything but traditional. With the odds stacked against her, facing incurable invisible diseases and mental health issues, she has walked the path less traveled to embrace the power she believes we all have inside no matter what complexities we face.

In this wellness memoir, Flic takes us through her deeply personal journey, from struggling with pain and illness as a dancer to finding her voice and stepping into her most human, raw, and powerful self as an entrepreneur and wellness advocate. Her story contains nuggets of wellness and mindset wisdom wrapped up in lessons from her journey that are sometimes dark, other times deeply funny, and always inspiring. You will be uplifted, but you will also discover the sustainable wellness steps you can take to make your life a profound and healthy one


Flic Manning:
Flic Manning is the proud founder of Corethentic, a "Live Fearless" Ambassador for Crohn's & Colitis Australia, an Ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation of Australia and for FitREC DNA, and host of The Human Experience by Flic Manning and Corethentic Zen Meditations podcasts. She specializes in demystifying the human body and mind, and driving changes in quality of life, pain management, productivity, retention, and mindset. Though Flic is a successful wellness author, speaker, and entrepreneur, she has encountered many hardships. In her talks and books, she shares not only thirty years of training as a wellness advocate, neuroplastician, holistic pain-management facilitator, performer, and fitness and dance educator, but also her personal experience in managing Crohn's disease, chronic pain, invisible illness, mental health disorders, and entrepreneurship. Flic's work has been featured by prominent magazines, podcasts, and brands around the world, and she looks forward to sharing her wellness memoir with her readers.