Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success, Fifth Edition

Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success, Fifth Edition


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The unprecedented events of 2020 exposed many of the hidden flaws in the healthcare system that harm not only patients but also healthcare employees and their well-being. Anti-racism movements demanded that healthcare organizations reframe their diversity and inclusion initiatives. The COVID-19 pandemic forced systems to respond to worker strain, stress, and burnout. These events and others have reinforced the need for a dynamic and constantly evolving approach to human resources in healthcare.

Human Resources in Healthcare: Managing for Success addresses the key realities and trends in healthcare human relations. The topics explored provide readers with a solid foundation for working effectively with people in healthcare organizations. The book's aim is to equip managers with the conflict management and problem-solving skills necessary to apply sound human resources policies.

This fifth edition includes three new chapters based on recent developments. One explores burnout and worker well-being in the changing healthcare landscape and in the face of a pandemic. Another focuses on diversity, inclusion, and belonging, offering problem-based cases and a tool for diversity strategy development. The third addresses worker retention, as millennials and Generation Z become a larger share of the workforce.

Other changes in this edition include:

Updates on the increasing use of technology and its effect on the employer–employee relationshipVignettes in each chapter that challenge students with difficult ethical dilemmasHuman resources metrics that support a diversity strategy and effectiveness in retention and hiringExpanded instructor resources that include teaching notes for ethical scenarios and discussion questions

Recognizing change in the healthcare workforce is only the first step. This book elevates managers to the next step: expertly adapting and succeeding in the face of change.